Blocked fallopian tubes

One reader told us last week about her partially blocked fallopian tubes. If nothing could help, she’d have to resort to IVF treatment, which she’s resisting at the moment. One suggestion, straight out of Living The Field (our ‘other work’ in the area of quantum physics and spirituality), is to get your mind in an alpha state, possibly by meditating, and visualize your tubes being clear. If this is difficult to do on your own, visit a hypnotherapist. On a more prosaic level, try a Bowen practitioner, a therapy that has a good track record in helping seemingly infertile couples conceive. Alternatively, try a reflexologist, and get advice from Foresight, the preconception care group. Diet may also play a part, and one of the culprits may well be dairy products, and especially cow’s milk, as this can cause a build-up of mucus, which can block the tubes. Also check out a kinesiologist to see if you have other allergies. Homeopathically, try Triticum repens 30 with Selenium 30 every evening. Suspect a viral infection, says another reader. Blocked tubes are often caused by the condyloma virus, which can cause polyp-type eruptions in the tube lining. Try the homeopathic remedy Rutin, but also see a homeopath, and check that the virus has been killed. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture also have a good track record in treating fallopian tube blockages. Finally, one reader recounts a successful treatment in hospital 39 years ago. She had a D&C and an injection of gas through the tubes, which seemed to work as she went on to have a child 18 months later.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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