Despite the B6 oversight, the FSA report is our best shot at making the EU see reason as Brussels decides a Europe-wide safe upper level of vitamins. But with the powerful lobbies from Germany and France as ever holding court, don’t hold your breath. We could still end up with a level that is just one times RDA. We’re involved with several lobby groups of our own, and we’re hoping they will have some influence over the policy-makers. It’s crucial they succeed because an EU directive, once passed, takes precedence over the governments of individual states within the EU. All nation-states must then comply with the spirit of a directive, although they have some leeway in determining the details.

This is where we — or more precisely, the Health Freedom Movement, a non-profit organisation we have created — comes in. To influence our own government, we’re planning a street protest through central London next year. But we will need YOUR help, too. We need donations, and we will need volunteers on the day to help control the march, and in the build-up to it. So please give what you can — your time, your money, whatever.

To register your interest, or to make a donation in a secure environment, log onto:

It’s worth pointing out that this is one of three planned directives, all aimed at curbing, or even destroying, alternative and complementary medicine. Oddly (!) the directives are almost the mirror images of similar pieces of legislation that have been mooted in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and elsewhere. If you think there are other, underlying motivations beyond the safeguards of the consumer, in whose name these directives have been drafted, you could be right. We’ve heard that the American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has been involved in the drafting of the EU directives, and we’re expecting evidence of this shortly.

As soon as we know, so will you! If you want to understand the real politics behind all of this, read Secrets of the Drugs Industry. It’s available on: Until next time, stay healthy and well.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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