My son is in his early 40s and his reading of medicine is wide, reinforced by the mental discipline of the Oriental martial arts.

Three years ago, a common interest led to his being contacted, through the internet, by an American woman in her late 30s whose ovarian cancer was well advanced.

My son taught Nalora a technique to use against her cancer she had a mass the size of an orange on her left ovary, which she could palpate. She had been an oncology nurse; having seen what she had, she refused chemotherapy and surgery in favour of what the doctors called “new age rubbish”.

My son gave her the ins and outs of how vulnerable cancers are; if their blood supply is screwed up, they’re dead they are much more inefficient than normal tissue. He told her to unleash every storm of hatred, rage and loathing she could at this loathsome creature invading her body whether she visualised that as strangling the life out of it, going to town with an axe, whatever. An absolutely murderous hatred was needed.

Nalora thought of the cancer as a stone, concealing behind it all her hopes and dreams. All she had to do to gain what was behind the stone was to pulverise it.

She called on the saints and the angels to assist her. She imagined her desire as a burning beam of light going into the cancer. She erased all other thoughts from her mind, and became the beam.

She did this for a month non stop. Her body temperature climbed to 100 ¡F plus for a week or two. She had no bowel movements for a week it scared the hell out of her and, at first, she didn’t relate it to what she was doing.

When her temperature came back to normal, she didn’t have any pain and she could dance and jump for the first time in ages. She had a scan recently the doctor is baffled. The cancer is dead and gone. He was last heard muttering, “It shouldn’t happen!” GJ……

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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