Chronic body odour

A number of people suffer from the embarrassing and distressing problem of chronic body odour, particularly at this time of year. What is the cause for this condition, and what’s the remedy when deodorants, perfumes and soaps have failed? Helpful solutions abound! Many readers swear by chlorophyll (spirulina – at least six a day – or fresh wheatgrass juice). The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore discusses the deodorant properties of wheatgrass at length. Another popular view is that dietary changes will result in a sweeter-smelling you. The odour is caused by the body attempting to detoxify itself through the skin or colon, so plenty of water and a vegan or other detoxifying diet is in order. Some people have difficulty digesting dairy products or specific foods, so avoiding these may do the trick. Regular exercise to flush out the toxins will also help. Some champion deodorant stones to combat odour (though these don’t address the perspiration problem), but make sure your choice is free of harmful aluminium oxide. One man recommends a treatment called ‘Trust’ (found at Boots), which is aluminium-free and works for up to three days at a time! Finally, one reader suggests a more unconventional approach in SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), which can clear energetic blockages and reduce physical problems.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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