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Technological progress proceeds at such a rapid pace that we often don’t get the proper opportunity to ponder whether we have, in fact, gone too far – whether things which make it easier for us to function in our lives come at too great a cost.

As our cover story this month illustrates, we may have reached saturation point in terms of electromagnetic exposure. Occupational studies and anecdotal evidence have revealed that people are damaged by overexposure to electricity in ways that medicine cannot recognise or fix. Many of us walking around with inexplicable symptoms may simply be suffering from an overload of the electricity we are assaulted by, every moment of our lives.

It’s hardly surprising that electricity affects us. There is growing evidence that the tiniest particle of our being is a vibrating wave packet that is profoundly affected by other such waves. As the late French biologist Jacques Benveniste discovered, the basic language of our cells is electromagnetic. According to the latest Russian findings, even our DNA beams out its instructions in a quantum frequency. The electrons that now make the world go round are, in all likelihood, having a profound effect on our own electrons.

The problem is that we understand how electricity works better than we understand how we work. Modern medicine is still stuck in an obsolete paradigm, believing that the body’s basic signal is a chemical one. Small wonder that doctors in the main refuse to believe that symptoms of electrosensitivity are anything but the sufferer’s paranoid imaginings.

There are devices on the market that can monitor and, to some extent, protect us. However, they may only be a Band-Aid on a vast new health problem.

Coexisting with electricity may require more than simply avoiding needless exposure. There’s no turning back the clock – I, for one, would rather write this column on a computer than with a quill pen. We may have evolved technologically to where we need to invent the means to protect ourselves from our own cleverness. We need a new medicine that recognises and treats the body as an energy field, not simply a blob of tissue and organs.

Happily, such a revolution is already happening among the vanguard: pulsating electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and Q-Link are some of many devices attempting to work with the body’s own energy field to correct imbalances due to both electro-pollution and ordinary illnesses. Many of these devices, which we have carefully investigated, have supportive scientific evidence demonstrating that, to varying degrees, they can help the body withstand the onslaught of the EMF storm around us. The best of these will be presented at our New Medicine conference on 11 April.

Come and meet the Thomas Edisons among us who are keeping one step ahead, using the best of human invention to keep us well.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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