Dealing with hysterical women

We all know that women are fluffy, silly things and that it’s no good trying to communicate rationally to them. Talk science to them and they’ll probably faint, or make their excuses and go shopping.

So, if you’re a gynaecologist, for instance, and a woman insists she doesn’t want her uterus removed, what do you do? You whip it out, of course.

A few gynaecologists have adopted this practice and, technically, it’s wrong. One chap was up before the General Medical Council the other day. He told his junior that it was the job of doctors to ‘choose the best option and . . . and not confuse them with science’.

This is sound thinking, but it’s the sort of thing a chap’s best to keep to himself. After all, we recognise that the word hysterectomy’ is frighteningly similar to the word ‘hysterical’ (woman).

Need more be said?

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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