Enzyme therapy works for autistic children

Many parents are finding they are able to help their children who are in the autistic spectrum, even severely autistic ones, through diet. The key aspect to this is taking enzymes. Previously, I had tried many things for our daughter, but enzymes have had a major impact on her.

I refer you to http://www.enzymestuff.com, the best place to find an overview. The founder of the site is a mother (a scientist) who has also written a book on the subject, based upon her own experiences with two autistic children. The idea behind the theory is that autism, and many other behavioural disorders, are brain symptoms caused by digestive/gut problems, and can be improved considerably.

Also, many of these parents refer to the effect that vaccinations had on their children, and how this was where all the problems started.

There are many people out there who deserve to know about this because it could really help and make a difference to peoples’ lives. – Amanda Zeiler, via e-mail

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