The Path of Transcendance and Immortality

In the spiritual traditions of China, Taoism,
Confucianism and Buddhism, practices and disciplines for
refinement of the spirit are common. Qigong is a primary
system for spiritual attainment. The practice of Qigong, in
this context, is aimed at the evolution and development of
the inner being. The body is seen as a local representative
of the entire universe. As in the hologram of modern
science, the individual is, in a special sort of way, the
whole cosmos.

One description of Qigong is as a discipline to
“refine the body of pure energy”. The acupuncture centers on
the front and back primary channels of the “microcosmic
orbit” are like energy gates. When the gates are open the Qi
develops and circulates. It spills out into all of the
channels and circuits. This is called the circulation of the
light. When the light is circulating to all of the organs,
glands, limbs, tissues and cells the practitioner is filled
with, acknowledges and celebrates the light. As the
practitioner’s attention is fixed on the body of light the
dense body of substance becomes secondary. Rather than a
physical body with a resonating energy field the individual,
from this perspective, is an energy field that has a small
dense body of flesh at its center.

Thousands of years ago Chuang Tzu asked, “Is it Chuang
Tzu asleep dreaming he is a butterfly? Or is it the
butterfly dreaming he is Chuang Tzu.” In the Qigong of
transcendence it is asked, “Is the practitioner in the deep
Qigong state a person in a moment of transcendent energetic
experience, or is manifestation in a physical body actually
a brief exploration into substance by an entity whose normal
state is one of highly refined, resonating light energy”.
The post Einsteinian physics of the unified field has
revealed that our world is composed of dynamic relationships
of energy. Therefore, it is not that strange that the
practice of transcendence should be as much a part of the
Qigong tradition as calisthenics and breathing exercises
that lower blood pressure.

Richard Wilhelm’s translation of “The Secret of the
Golden Flower” is a translation of a beautiful Chinese
classic of transcendence that focuses on the “circulation of
the light and the backward flowing breath”. “Compared to the
great Way, heaven and earth are like a bubble and a shadow.
Only the primal spirit and the true nature overcome time and
space. The energy of the seed, like heaven and earth, is
transitory, but the primal spirit is beyond polar
differences. Here is the place where heaven and earth derive
their being. When students understand how to grasp to the
primal spirit they overcome the polar opposites of light and
darkness and tarry no longer in the three worlds. Only the
seeker who has envisioned human nature’s original face is
able to do this.”(21)

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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