The Super Natural Path

Tales of extraordinary human feats have always been
associated with Qigong. The phenomenon of “exceptional human
function” (EHF) has created quite a bit of interest in the
world’s scientific communities.(5,6) It would be
irresponsible to claim that EHF is fully proven to the
satisfaction of western rational research science. Much of
the research done in China does not meet the extreme and
rigorous parameters of the scientific method. However, there
are many research institutes in China that are
enthusiastically exploring EHF and Qigong.(5,6)

EHF has manifested in a large number of cases where
children have had unusual and extraordinary abilities. These
are the famous psychic children of China who have been
documented as being able to read messages that are inside of
locked vaults and see through objects. In his book,
“Encounters With Qi”,(6) David Eisenberg a Harvard trained
doctor reveals his experience of two sisters who live near
Beijing with “exceptional human function”. These young girls
were able, repeatedly, to tell what a group of researchers
had written on papers that they could not have seen. Dr.
Eisenberg also tells of his experience at the Qigong
Research laboratories of the Shanghai Institute of
Traditional Chinese Medicine. A Qigong master named Lin
Ho-sheng caused the movement of an object from a distance of
several feet in an environment where no other force could
have affected the object.(6)

It has been found that EHF is maintained and
perpetuated by the practice of Qigong.(5) Qigong has been
found to support the development of EHF in certain
practitioners who were not born with the skill. In children
whose EHF abilities were slipping away with age it was found
that the abilities could be regenerated or induced through
the use of Qigong exercises.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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