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Patient empowerment and self care, as well as, medical
cost reduction possibilities have a special potential to
transform medicine as it is practiced in the western world.
However, the aspect of Qigong that has greatest potential to
restructure medicine, as we know it, is the amazing
technique of “external” Qigong. In external Qigong the
practitioner or Qigong doctor does non-touch energy
assessment of the patient and actually projects or conducts
Qi, in a treatment mode, to the patient.

In assessment, rather than asking questions, taking
pulses, observing the tongue, palpating reflexes and
ordering lab tests, the practitioner uses concentration,
intuition, and reading of the Qi with off the body
diagnostic scanning. In treatment, the practitioner actually
projects the Qi to another to have a clinical effect. Both
of these techniques seem impossible and fantastic. However,
research is revealing that there may be authentic,
explainable and demonstrable natural laws and mechanisms in
operation during these events.(7) Therapeutic Touch, an
assessing and healing technique which uses an “off the body”
technique called “unruffling the field” has experienced a
tremendous swell of interest in the nursing community. The
research of developer Delores Krieger, RN, demonstrated that
in-vivo hemoglobin values were significantly effected by the
administration of this energy based technique.(29)

A unique aspect of the work of China’s Qigong doctors
is that a number of them have developed the ability to
manipulate the limbs of patients and research participants
from a distance, effect changes in the physical or chemical
properties of research materials with intention and cause
anesthesia by pointing at certain acupuncture points.(7) Dr.
Zhang Yu of the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese
Medicine and Xi Yuan Hospital has amazed groups of American
observers with his external conductance ability. It seems
that participants may be hypnotized or faking, however,
studies with animal subjects show similar reactions. An
October 1986 article in the LA Times tells the story of the
Beijing practice of Master Xun Yunkun who treats medical
cases including terminal cancer and paralysis following
stroke with Qi projection. Another article describes
“harnessing electrical energy and projecting it across a
distance to assist patients with Parkinson’s disease,
arthritis and other crippling diseases.

There is a tremendous wave of interest in this aspect
of Qigong in the western world and a number of very
respectable research organizations are currently expending
substantial budgets on Qigong related projects. There is a
tremendous amount of research attempting to explain these
phenomenon. The American Foundation of Traditional Chinese
Medicine, Dr. Zheng Rong and Stanford physicist Professor
William Tiller are doing a collaborative research project on
Bio-luminescence and Qigong with a focus on satisfying the
rational research model. One hundred and twenty eight
research papers were presented at the First World Conference
for the Academic Exchange of Medical Qigong in 1988 which
was sponsored by the China Medical Association, Chinese
Ministry of Health, China Qigong Research Institutes and the
Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and attended
by representatives from 17 countries.

On one hand it is wonderful that there may be Qigong
doctors with such special abilities. It would be a shame,
however, if interest in such phenomena overshadowed the
tremendous potential for all health seekers to move toward
freedom from dependence upon health experts outside of
themselves through self applied Qigong techniques.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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