Doctors doctor our medical notes

The invitation to WDDTY readers to record their drug side-effects on your special website draws attention to the fact that thousands of patients are unable to do so. This is because so many have had their notes doctored and their test results deleted. According to Sufferers of Iatrogenic Neglect and other patient groups, removing test results and adding false information on medical notes is common practice. Dr Shipman was not the only doctor to indulge in this activity.

The 2001 conference for Action for Victims of Medical Accidents confirmed that the Medical Defence Union and the Medical Protection Society have always had unlawful access to patients’ notes. That the test results removed are usually vital to a complaint or to potential litigation supports this. Few doctors give any medical help to those who have been damaged by the drugs they have prescribed.

How can patients report the side-effects of pills when their notes state that everything is ‘all in the mind’?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that large numbers are left to die every year from deliberately undiagnosed illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease, just to cover up the lethal side-effects of many modern drugs. What drug-damaged patients need is a WDDTY-approved clinic, where they can be sure that all their test results will be unaltered and safely preserved. Until then, all yellow card schemes are, sadly, of limited use. – Margaret Bell, London

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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