DRUGS:: Not for pregnant women, but still. . .

Doctors aren’t great at reading drug information sheets, and their patients aren’t much better either. That’s why pregnant women are prescribed drugs that are wholly inappropriate for their condition, and that’s why they take them, too.
Researchers have been looking at the SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, a family of antidepressants. Like most every drug, they are not supposed to be taken by pregnant women (or by small children either, but what the hell).
Women in late pregnancy who took a SSRI are three times more likely to give their newborn a neonatal syndrome that is characterized by jitteriness, increased muscle tone, feeding difficulties and respiratory distress.
The symptoms lasted for around two weeks, and were ‘easily managed with supportive measures’. So that’s all right then. Keep those prescriptions coming.

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