DRUGS SALES RISE. And the best seller isn’t even required

Drug sales in the USA continue to rise. Last year, they grew in the States by 12 per cent to $220bn. The best-sellers remain the cholesterol-lowering statins, described recently by Dr Mathias Rath as ‘just another marketing story of the pharmaceutical industry’.

Rath is an interesting man. He worked closely with Linus Pauling and researched with him the benefits of high-dose vitamin C. Rath, who lives in Germany, is now one of the leading campaigners in Europe against the EU directives that look to close down nutritional and alternative medicine.

In a recent interview, Rath stated: ‘If high cholesterol would damage the blood vessel wall, it would so everywhere along the long pipeline of our blood vessel system. This system would clog everywhere and not just in the heart or in the brain. In other words, we would also get infarctions of the nose, the ear, the knees, elbows, fingers and any other organ in the body. This is clearly not the case.

‘Then I discovered that cardiovascular disease is essentially unknown in the animal world, whereas amongst human beings, it is a leading cause of death. Animals manufacture their own vitamin C, which is required to produce the reinforcement molecules of our body and its blood vessel system called collagen.

‘We human beings cannot produce a single molecule of this vitamin and frequently get too few vitamins in our diet, exposing our blood vessel system to weakness and to the development of deposits.’

The remedy? High-dose vitamin C. Oh yes, we forgot. They’re banning that too.

(Sources: British Medical Journal, 2003; 326: 518; and http://www.dr-rath-health-foundation.org).

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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