Excessive perspiration

A 44-year-old woman has had a problem with excessive perspiration all her life. She doesn’t suffer from body odour – only sweating – particularly on the face and under the arms. Supermarket anti-perspirants don’t seem to work. Is the problem hormonal, and if so, is it likely to disappear with menopause? Try the cell salt Nat. Mur., a water-distributing tissue salt (because of its powerful affinity for water, it controls the ebb and flow of the bodily fluids). Take four pilules four times daily, dissolving them in the mouth first (the energy is absorbed through the mucous membranes). Take like this for at least six weeks – longer if necessary. Also, Bach flower remedies are useful if this is an emotionally based issue. Alternatively, a hypno-psychotherapist says that self-hypnosis and age regression has proven useful in combating excessive perspiration, as has increasing water intake while reducing diuretics and caffeine-based stimulants. Finally, one man has had an excessive perspiration problem for 12 years; in his case it is clearly associated with high blood pressure. After a 24-hour urine test he discovered that both symptoms appear to be caused by phaeochromocytoma, a tumour (often benign) in an adrenal gland. You may want to get tested for this.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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