Freiberg’s disease:

Finally, a much welcomed response after last week’s silence on this subject. A reader writes in saying her daughter was diagnosed with this rare and mysterious disease after the child started to suffer immense pain in her toes. According to the doctors, the bones in the girl’s toes had stopped growing and were, in fact, dying at the ends. The parents were told that the condition is a form of osteochondritis and conventional medicine had no cure for it. However, there was a possibility that the child should grow out of it in a couple of years but would most likely suffer badly from arthritis in the future. The reader has tried various alternative therapies and has found acupuncture to be very helpful. Specially-designed shoes to relieve the daughter’s pain are also a great aid. As a preventive measure for future arthritis, the reader supplements her child’s diet with vitamin E and magnesium.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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