Germany makes iodine mandatory

In Germany, iodine is added to all food, mostly without declaration, but for those with certain illnesses, iodine should not be taken. We want natural food for such patients, but it’s not allowed because the government fears that healthy Germans would eat it too. The government says that before iodine was added to all food, there were handicapped children born in Germany.

The International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Diseases leads iodine projects around the world. It is supported by UNICEF, several governments and banks. Some countries stopped the projects after too many people died; some countries don’t want to join the projects, but Germany hopes to force them to when EU laws are made.

The ICCIDD wants to forbid ordinary salt around the world. In Africa, many people became ill and died; US scientists proved that it was due to the iodised salt.

This is a huge scandal. We know that 10 per cent of all Germans suffer from the iodine added to food, yet still we have it. Some patients only survive with food from foreign countries. – Patricia Aurin, Kassel, Germany

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