How the BBC set me up

For the last seven years, I have been doing what I can to help cancer sufferers. I heard from a naturopath about GS Drops and how they had helped a girl who had been given two weeks to live.

A company in Uruguay supplied me with the drops, and the success of the drops was so profound that I was just waiting for an attack from the MCA. Sure enough, it came – but from the BBC. I had a phone call from a girl whose partner’s cancer had spread despite conventional treatment. She asked if I could cure him; I refused to say and instead explained to her that it was illegal to make such a claim. But I said I could help him and told her about the drops.

I met them both outside a local hotel because they said they would have difficulty in finding my home. Little did I know that they were secretly filming everything. When I met them again a week later at the hotel, a camera crew suddenly appeared from nowhere.

The journalist was very insulting and said I was exploiting dying people and conning them into giving me their money, knowing full well they were going to die. I spoke to her for around 20 minutes, but all they put on their show was a few minutes’ worth, then me going back to my car as if I was running away. They named the show ‘Bogus cancer cure exposed’ without interviewing any of my customers, many of whom have benefited from the treatment.

A week later, there was a knock on my door at 8 am. There were five people with a search warrant from Bow Street Magistrates Court. This warrant was obtained on the strength of the unfair BBC programme.

The MCA removed all of my stock, including my computer. Most of the stock was perfectly legitimate.

I have many customers who should have died last Christmas, according to their doctors, but instead, they are now enjoying life. However, they are now also very worried about their continued treatment. – JW, Port Talbot

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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