In praise of vitamin C

When 200 g can be taken by very ill patients without diarrhoea – which shows that the personal limit has been reached – and when we know what vast amounts animals make when stressed or ill, it seems ludicrous to talk of 700 mg (which is not even 1 g) as a massive dose.

For myself, my family and friends, I find vitamin C invaluable for any kind of infection. Unfortunately, for the general public, it’s now impossible to tell those who say “I tried vitamin C, but had to turn to drugs in the end” that they just didn’t take enough.

I’ve often wondered how many tragic children, losing limbs to meningitis, might have been saved by vitamin C – if only we had researched and taught what really works, rather than what makes profits. – Helen Jarvis, Derbyshire

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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