I have ME, and at one point I was seriously considering the purchase of a stair lift.

I had been using filtered water regularly for two years without any noticeable benefits, but I still felt that I was correct in trying to improve upon tap water. So, about four years ago I began to drink distilled water, which I am quite sure brought me back from the brink of disaster

Although it’s not possible to be completely precise, here are the symptoms I had and an approximate percentage improvement rate:

100 per cent improvement: Scalp irritation. Weight loss became normal to approximately one and a half stone. My bowel movements and faeces became normal, and anal itching and thin, brittle finger and toenails completely resolved.

95 per cent improvement: Early morning heart palpitations or pronounced heart beat. Aching leg muscles when at rest. Muscle twitching. Sharp, stabbing chest pains.

90 per cent improvement: Night time leg cramps, ‘drawing ‘ sensations and inner ‘crawling’ sensations. Profuse night sweats.

80 per cent improvement: Difficulty in waking (morning). General muscle weakness, which used to wake me at night as I was unable to turn over naturally.

70 per cent improvement: Amnesia.

50 per cent improvement: Muscle ‘pulls’, mainly in the lumber region, knees and thighs. Dilated blood vessels. Need to nap during the afternoon. Bloated stomach. Aching leg muscles when walking.

40 per cent improvement: Headaches and overall head pressure due to over concentration.

20 per cent improvement: Difficulty in waking after daytime nap. Constant background headache.

The only symptom I have that hasn’t resolved to some extent is constant tinnitus.

But long standing catarrh problem was normalised. S A L, Brentwood, Essex…..


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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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