MEDICAL UNSCIENCE::Dullards dance to the dollar

Readers were probably shocked to read in last week’s bulletin about the raft of EU legislation that could kill off alternative and nutritional medicine in Europe.
Could it be that alternative medicine is dangerous, that it presents a threat to life and limb? Or perhaps is it because people are making vast fortunes from sick and needy people? While both accusations can fairly be placed at the door of conventional medicine, the real reason is that alternative medicine is not scientific.
It hasn’t been through the rigour of double-blind placebo studies, reporting without fear and favour in the way that conventional medicine does. As a result, legislators feel they have to put in the controls that haven’t been imposed by a scientific community.
So when a learned journal such as the British Medical Journal reports that conventional medicine isn’t terribly scientific either, the legislators should sit up and pay attention.
Conventional medicine prides itself on being a science, but it is also an industry, and one that produces vast profits for the drugs companies. When there’s a lot of money at stake, opinion can quickly become fact, and ‘findings’ can become firm conclusions.
E-news has reported before that around one-third of all medical studies are questionable, usually because the sponsor – invariably a drug company – expects positive returns for its investment.
Another problem, as a research team has discovered, is that the data underlying any study is never independently verified. This means that it can be altered, and nobody would know. Not even legislators in Brussels.

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