Plenty of advice for the reader’s sister who is suffering from MS and looking for alternative ways to alleviate her symptoms. A reader says that, by following a diet free from gluten, sugar and dairy, she helped improve her symptoms to the extent that she went on to give birth to a pair of healthy twins, even though her doctor had said it would be best not to. Besides diet, she manages her condition through ongoing homeopathy, acupuncture and avoiding stress. Lueticum, a homeopathic remedy supplied as a nosode, is supposed to be extremely effective for reducing symptoms, even in severe MS attacks. One reflexologist says her clients showed improvement in balance and in bladder or bowel control after a course of reflexology. Other dietary suggestions include cutting out artificial additives and sweeteners, in particular aspartame. One reader says his son’s MS symptoms got better after following the Best Bet diet (, which resembles a regime from the Stone Age. Another says taking Co-Enzyme capsules, 120mg a day, repairs damaged body cells, particularly those of the heart, and gives energy levels a boost.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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