The usual treatment for verrucae, or plantas warts on the feet that bugbear of swimming pools is an over the counter remedy containing an artificial preparation of salicylic acid.

You apply it to warts and verrucae, using ring pad plaster to protect the surrounding skin, since the preparation is highly irritating to ordinary skin. In theory, at least, it should cause the tissues to swell, soften and usually separate from the surrounding tissue. Because a high concentration is used (as high as 17 per cent in some products) salicyclic acid can burn. It should never be used by diabetics, those with poor circulation or children under 6.

The other possibility are products containing the disinfectant glutaraldehyde, which don’t require that you

protect the surrounding skin. Otherwise, if it isn’t hurting, you could leave the wart alone, and it will eventually disappear by itself, or apply tincture of thuja, which homeopaths swear by.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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