PROOF POSITIVE:Homeopathy works, but Dr Jacques isn’t around to hear his work vindicated

It is tragic that it has taken 16 years to vindicate the controversial discoveries of Dr Jacques Benveniste – and in the very week that he has died.
Dr Benveniste scientifically proved the basis of homeopathy in a series of experiments with water, which were published in Nature in 1988. Thereafter the medical establishment pilloried him, research funding was taken away, and his very promising career in science was ended. Television magician James Randi visited Benveniste’s laboratories but, not surprisingly perhaps, was unable to verify his discovery.
But scientists, rather than celebrities, have finally proved his findings. Four independent laboratories, in Ireland, Italy, France and the Netherlands, have discovered that effects can occur below the level at which any molecule of the substance is present.
Sadly, their findings were published in the week that Dr Benveniste died following heart surgery.
(Source: Inflammation Research, 2004; 53: 181-8).
* The work of Dr Jacques Benveniste, and his struggle against the prevailing establishment, iss outlined in Lynne McTaggart’s inspiring book The Field. To order your copy, click on this link:

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