Proven side-effects of the MMR vaccine means it must be stopped

The important Atlanta research revealing 34 major side-effects with MMR and CDC vaccines makes it irresponsible for our medical bureaucracy to go on advocating these injections. This is quite apart from the vexed question of autism, which may be clouded by the practice of regarding Asperger’s and autism as just shades of intensity within the same condition.

What the two have in common is an inadequacy of social function. But whereas Asperger’s leaves the intellect unimpaired, with scope for holding a highly paid job, autism impairs the intellect and makes employment unlikely. This makes me wonder whether it would be worth testing the following hypothesis.

Suppose that Asperger’s is the introvert extreme on the introversion-extroversion scale. It would then be a natural condition, largely genetic and likely to emerge at a standard age – namely, the first birthday, when other children are learning to talk and communicate more, and the contrast with Asperger’s becomes marked.

If, however, autism is not natural, but iatrogenically caused by the MMR jab, it would emerge at a variety of ages, depending on when the injection is administered. It might affect only genetically susceptible children, but if the gene could be identified, they could be spared a ruined life. Meanwhile, the triple injection should be stopped. – Professor Alice Coleman, London SE19

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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