If you must continue to use a microwave oven. . .

Have it checked regularly for leakage, especially the door, which is prone to leakage

Never open the door while the oven is on

Stand at least three feet away (especially children) from the oven when in use to avoid the cumulative effects of even low level exposure. The lens of the eye is most at risk from prolonged microwave exposure because it has no way of dissipating the energy thermally or otherwise

Avoid microwave cooking of frozen foods and commercially prepared meals, especially if they are to be cooked in their packaging

Use non PVC cooking containers whenever possible

Discourage growing children from eating microwaved food or using a microwave

Be aware that the majority of restaurant food is now microwaved using large commercial ovens. These pose even greater potential risks to users, and those using them should be warned.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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