Reader’s Corner:Ganglions:

Then there was the reader whose boyfriend has ganglions on his knuckles. How can they be treated, she wonders. The query hit a rich seam of ideas, so it seems ganglions are a common problem. One reader suggests hitting the ganglion with a Bible (might be a case of a Bible-bashing too far), although it always reappears!

Another reader developed ganglions after clenching a hammer handle during weeks of laying flooring. He found it went away after a long period of rest. Could this reader’s ganglions be linked to his livelihood, he ponders.

A homoeopath says there are six possible remedies that could help, although she doesn’t say what they are. Another homoeopath is more forthcoming and suggests Ruta 50M.

One reader recalls having a ganglion when he was a schoolboy until a Chinese classmate exerted great pressure on it, and it disappeared. Not sure how important it is to find a Chinaman to do this.

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