Reader’s Corner:Painful ball of foot:

One reader recounted her tale about a painful foot, caused by minor degeneration of the first MTP joint of the left foot. She’d tried several therapies and treatments without success, and wondered if other readers had some helpful suggestions. Of course you do.

Try Health Kinesiology (HK), says one reader, who also recommends it for every other health complaint mentioned last week. HK sorted out her own painful foot after the practitioner revealed the problem was associated with an unusual build-up of copper around the joints. Try acupuncture, suggests another reader, or try a product containing serrapeptase, such as Serrazymme. Apparently, it’s good for inflammatory conditions such as asthma, arthritis and Crohn’s.

Another option is to improve your stance and walking posture by taking lessons in Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais. On the dietary front, give up oranges and other citrus fruit, and tomatoes. The problem may be arthritic, and these can all exacerbate the condition. One woman’s painful foot was resolved after she visited an acupuncturist and had a Chinese herbal foot wash. A Scholl Ball of Foot cushion for £3 has also helped. On the same theme, there’s a Swiss shoe called MBT. Visit website: for more information.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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