Reader’s Corner:The Coil – The Good News:

After the spate of bad experiences reported last time about the contraceptive coil, a few of you have written in with a more positive story to tell.

One is from a woman who says she wrote in with her positive views, but we didn’t feature her comments last time. Was this deliberate and are we just biased, she wonders? While we love a conspiracy theory as much as the next E-news bulletin, the truth is that either your e-mail got lost, overlooked or mislaid. Sorry.

Another woman tells us she has kept her coil in because she couldn’t be bothered to have it removed – even though she is now 58.

But, more in the vein of last week’s correspondents, one woman said that she put on half a stone through water retention when she had a coil fitted. The symptoms disappeared when she had it removed.

Another reader tells us that her GP said he had seen coils removed from tumours, and her own experience with one was so bad that she had to have it removed. So there we are – views from both sides of the coil (sorry, coin).

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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