Reader’s Corner:Thrush:

Then there was the woman last time who is looking for a good herbal remedy to treat thrush that seems to occur just before her menstrual cycle.

One reader suggests a Sitz bath of Calendula (marigold), and a thyme herb infusion may also help. Include ‘live’ organic yoghurt and raw garlic in your diet, and drink plenty of fluids and eat fresh foods, seeds, oils and green leafy vegetables. Wear organic materials around the vaginal area, or even go knickers-free in the summer months if you’re wearing a dress.

Another suggestion is for gentian violet, while one woman puts a peeled clove of garlic in her vagina for a few hours at night. Trouble is, it makes the breath smell of garlic, she warns, and we guess it’s not just the breath.

Try drinking some aloe vera juice, says one reader, while another feels the solution lies more in the diet. Cut out all yeast foods, such as alcohol, marmite, bread, mushrooms and peanuts, and take acidopholous capsules. Threelac could work if the problem is Candida, while one therapist recommends a combination of Horopitto, which is a herb mixed with aniseed, and then followed up by Ecologic, a bacteria mix. They’re both available from Noma Complex Homeopathy in Southampton (UK).

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) seems to recognize the process our reader describes, and an acupuncturist should be able to restore balance. Alternatively, try tea tree pessaries.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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