Can you suggest a cure, asked a reader last time? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course you can, and by the bucket-load. Put everyday duct tape on the wart for six weeks, but change the tape every six days. Or there’s Thuja cream from Boiron Homeopathics, or try the contents of vitamin E capsules, or tea tree oil, or oregano oil. Undiluted pure essential lemon oil on the wart (not on the surrounding skin) every morning and evening was suggested by several readers who had success with the remedy. Causticum 30c is a homeopathic remedy that worked for one family, while another’s wart was treated with a squirt of liquid nitrogen, which froze the wart. A cheaper option is just to spit on the wart twice a day for a week or two. Great if the wart isn’t on your head, we suppose. Put thin raw slices of garlic directly on the wart, and keep them in place with a plaster, which should be changed daily for three days. If you don’t like the smell, apply potato peel once a day on the wart, although this could take up to three weeks to work. Hydrogen peroxide was suggested by several readers. Turning to the herb garden, try the orange sap of the weed or herb Greater Celandine. It’s quite toxic, warns the reader, so don’t put it on the surrounding skin, and certainly don’t drink it. One reader’s warts cleared up after her father picked the inside petals of a marigold, and rubbed them on her wart before covering it with a plaster. This was repeated every day for two weeks by which time the wart had disappeared. Finally no list of remedies would be complete without a good old wives’ tale, and we do have a good one for you. Steal some beans on the night of a full moon, and throw them into a dark part of the garden while saying: “With these beans go my wart”. Her friend did this and her wart disappeared. Never let it be said that E-news has been swayed by 500 years of science.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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