A woman wants some information about rosacea, a skin disorder typically characterised by facial redness, pimples, or thickened skin. She uses a mild cleanser twice daily and rinses with cold water, following with an oil-free moisturiser. She’s tried rose hip oil but without effect, avoids alcohol, sugar and grains, and takes chlorella. What else should she be doing? One woman believes there is a connection between rosacea and the digestive system and now drinks carrot juice daily (anti-inflammatory) and eats live yoghurt. Some suggest a link with helicobacter pylori and she has found that a spoonful of manuka honey three times a day seems to help with flare-ups. Another reader suggests trying a Swiss product called Panacnea (Bioligo Laboratories), which cleared up her rosacea entirely. In addition, she stays away from soap, sun, the cold and alcohol. Yet another long-term sufferer discovered an enzyme called Serrapeptase (, which is produced by silkworms and has been used by the medical profession in Germany for more than 30 years. It is used to prevent heart surgery as it cleanses the cardiovascular system. As a side effect, however, her rosacea disappeared within four weeks.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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