SADDLE SORE::Where there’s a wheal

It’s one of those things that nobody talks about, and there’s always that moment when you wish they had. Cycling makes you sore ‘down below’. But it gets worse, as researchers have discovered. Long-distance cycling can also cause erection problems for men.
If you think an end to your sex life is too high a price to pay for a cycle ride, what can you do? Researchers decided to tackle this vital issue by monitoring 463 cyclists and the bikes they rode. They discovered that a mountain bike was more likely to cause erectile dysfunction than a road bike, as were handlebars that were higher than the saddle, and saddles that had a cutout.
Even if you follow these guidelines, there’s no guarantee you still won’t feel numb afterwards – but it just might be enough to rescue your sex life.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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