VACCINATIONS: The State versus mothers, part 496

Vaccinating your child is not compulsory in the UK – but the State likes to force the arm of recalcitrant parents whenever it has the chance.

Cases we’ve reported in past issues of What Doctors Don’t Tell You haven’t made for easy reading. Doctors, aided by a police escort, have forced their way into homes, and given a vaccination to the child while restraining the mother, while, in one case we championed and raised funds for a legal challenge, the parents were forced into a special care home until they saw the sense of vaccination.

Now we’ve been alerted about another distressing case, and it’s one that needs your immediate help and support.

It concerns a British student midwife who is separated from her husband, and father of her child. She decided not to vaccinate the child, but her estranged husband took her to court over her ban on vaccinations, even though she was awarded full custody.

Nobody at the time could believe that the husband, who is not British, could possibly win his case, considering she has full custody, that her ex-husband is not British, and that this country does not mandate vaccines.

The draft judgment was passed in the last couple of days, giving the mother three months to take her child to a pediatric registrar to update all vaccines recommended by the UK government, at a set schedule. If you think this is bad, read on, it gets worse. The case was pooled; another family, involving a 12-year-old girl, received the same verdict.

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY? Two mothers who refused to allow the injection of various poisons which could possibly result in severe side effects, such as severe diarrhea, encephalitis, anorexia, anaphylaxis, arthritis, febrile convulsions, seizures, Guillain-Barré syndrome, encephalopathy, SSPE, or death (all these according to package inserts from vaccine manufacturers), are refused by a family court to execute their duties as responsible adults and loving, caring mothers.

The Court will not accept expert witnesses who reside outside the UK if an appeal takes place. If you are resident in the UK and an expert in this field, or can give legal advice, please urgently contact And if you are a resident in the UK, then please write to your MP, to Tony Blair, to the House of Lords, to voice your concerns over the way these two mothers are treated by our justice system.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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