VACCINATIONS: It’s human rights, stupid

Last week, we reported on a case where a mother was being forced by a court order to vaccinate her daughter. Needless to say, it attracted an enormous response from you, but almost to a man (and woman), you wanted to know names etc. in order to mount an effective protest.

E-news has this week discovered that she has an injunction against her that prevents her from speaking to the press (it’s supposedly in place to protect her daughter).

The judgement that forces her to vaccinate her child is currently in draft form, and it will be finally made at Winchester High Court within the next three weeks. Thereafter, she will have two weeks to appeal against the judgement.

The case has already cost the taxpayer £250,000 (both parties are on legal aid), and this bill will continue to mount as the appeals process starts.

So what can you do? Write to your local MP as the judgement is a clear breach of human-rights legislation, and especially do so if you happen to live in the Bournemouth area. That’s where the woman herself lives and it would be great if your local MP could take up the case.

And if you do live in the region, please turn up on the day at Winchester High Court when the judgement will be made. It will be a public hearing, so some of you will be admitted to the public gallery. We reckon it’s going to be heard between April 22 and 30, but she will only get two to three days notice of the date. As soon as she knows, we’ll pass on the date.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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