Magnesium can alleviate the mood changes of PMT.

Thirty two women with premenstrual tension (PMT) were given either 360 mg/day of magnesium or a placebo for the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle over a two month period.

Researchers found that the group taking magnesium fared far better than the controls in eliminating mood swings.

According to Dr Alan Gaby, who abstracted the study, which appeared in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the States, “Several investigators have reported that intracellular magnesium concentrations are low in women with [PMT]. There are a number of similarities between symptoms of magnesium deficiency and those of [PMT].”

Gaby also noted that a study in the Journal of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndromes, found that all of a group of HIV positive patients had evidence of B6 deficiency one third had extreme deficiencies even though most were taking supplements. The study showed that twice the number of HIV patients had B6 deficiencies than did non afflicted controls.

“There is increasing evidence that malnutrition is a major cause of immune deficiency, morbidity, and mortality in AIDS patients,” said Dr Gaby. Anecdotal reports indicate that correction of nutrient deficiencies results in a significant improvement in clinical status, fewer opportunistic infections, and longer survival.”

The study also indicates that HIV or AIDS patients may need higher intakes of nutrients than others or better methods of absorption.

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