Tips on Researching a Health Condition

The first step in researching a health condition in HealthWorld Online is to go to the Disease Center
in our Health Clinic which offers over a thousand comprehensive articles on
medical selfcare, complementary medicine approaches, and resources for over 150 health conditions. Scroll down the list of conditions or click on the corresponding letter in the alphabetical bar at the top of the page to reach the condition in question.

You will find numerous articles on that particular condition, and articles from
a wide variety of natural medicine and complementary medicine approaches to
prevention and treatment. Consumer-level articles are free where as most
professional-level articles are available for a small fee (see “Premium Services” below).

Alternative/Complementary Medicine: Read articles from leading experts in the fields of nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy,
naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, and integrated,
holistic medicine. For you convenience, articles that are written to for
the public are labeled “Consumer” and articles intended for a professional level
are labeled “Professional.” Many of the consumer-level articles, are valuable
resources for professionals learning the fields of complementary Medicine.
Most Professional level articles are available on a fee basis (See “Premium Services” below).

Disease Resource Centers: When appropriate we include a “Resource Center” for a specific condition which provides links to related consumer health organizations, newsletters, online support groups, and books in the HealthWorld Bookstore.

HealthWorld Online Search: After examining the articles, audios and resources available in the “Deseases & Conditions” section you may want to do a thorough search of all additional references on a specific health condition in HealthWorld. To do this use the keyword or concept search options in the “HealthWorld Search”. The search will provide links to all articles in HealthWorld on that condition as well as significant references to that condition in other articles or research in HealthWorld.

Free Medline Search: Finally, if you want to search for medical research on the condition you should take advantage of the free Medline search available on the Diseases & Conditions home page. This search also offers free CATLINE and AVLINE searches as well as access to numerous fee-access medical databases.

Nutritional Influences on Illness:
The Edition of Nutritional Influences on Illness by Melvyn Werbach, M.D. is One invaluable reference text available on HealthWorld Online is an
invaluable reference texts for nutritional research on individual health conditions.
This 3,000 page text, available on HealthWorld Online, has organized essential nutritional research from around the world
for over 120 health conditions and is availble exclusively through HealthWorld Online.

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