Balance Your Diet, Control Your Weight

Our Standard American Diet (SAD for short!) is anything but nourishing. High in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, sugars, preservatives and other toxic chemicals, this diet virtually guarantees obesity and ill health.

In the name of convenience, we’ve actually sacrificed our health and even our lives.

Sure, it’s easy to stop by your favorite fast food outlet and get a burger, fries and soft drink for you, and even, for your family. It avoids the hassle of fixing dinner and perhaps buys you a precious hour of time in your stressful life. But what is the long-term cost?

Overfed and Undernourished

We live in a time when food is more plentiful and cheaper than at any other time in history. Never before have so many Americans been so overweight. Yet, because we fill up on all the wrong foods, we are woefully undernourished.

We eat too many processed foods that not only have almost no nutritional value – but they set up a cycle of cravings that keeps us coming back for more and more… and more.

It’s a dangerous addiction! These so-called “foods” are loaded with chemicals, salt, simple (i.e. non-nutritious) starches and, worst of all, sugar. It’s amazing that our bodies can glean even the most minimal nutritional requirements from this kind of diet. Often, they don’t, and we become overweight and chronically ill. For example, depressed, tired, foggy-brained and overweight women are often told by their doctors that they need Prozac. What they really need is a steady supply of real food to get their brains and bodies back on track. This is what I (Dr. Cass) see in my office all day long.

Diets Don’t Work

All of us are constantly bombarded with pitches for diet plans. It’s almost impossible to avoid them if you pick up a magazine or turn on the news. Some of these plans may help you to shed extra pounds, but unless you’ve made some basic lifestyle changes, these hard-fought losses will come right back on.

If you ask your doctor about your weight problem, you’re likely to hear the standard misinformed answer: “You need to eat less and exercise more.” That’s because most doctors are still thinking in a linear manner; that is, calories in minus calories burned equals calories that turn into fat. However, there’s far more to weight gain than that, since we all burn calories differently based on our body’s metabolic efficiency. True, you may be eating too much, not exercising enough or not doing the right kind of exercise for your needs. But there is much more to the story than that.

Start with the 8 Weeks Wellness Journal and Health Questionnaire
For free download click here. Your answers, combined with selected laboratory tests, will help you find out the source of your imbalances, and how to treat them naturally.

Discover for yourself if your weight gain is due to such problems as hormone imbalances, low thyroid, adrenal overload, blood sugar swings, food allergies, or neurotransmitter (brain chemistry) imbalances.

Don’t simply count calories. Also, use the glycemic load calculator rather than simply the glycemic index of foods. For details and a chart of foods, click here.

Most importantly, if you have weight issues, here are the facts:

  1. You are not to blame. You likely have a physiological imbalance.
  2. You are responsible for taking the steps you need to take to correct the problem.

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Written by Kathleen Barnes

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