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Susan Teton Campbell, an evangelist for great food, began her career when she went to work with John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America and Healthy at 100. While working with notable health professionals and environmental authors, she co-authored the Healthy School Lunch Action Guide with endorsements from the USDA, California State Child and Nutrition Department, and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. With an award winning curriculum Ms. Campbell toured the country, inspiring students to choose healthier foods and school to serve them. Convinced that food is a significant factor in rising epidemic of youth-related health issues, Ms. Campbell continues her educational work with a new multimedia project titled, Raising a New America, ( and a new six part DVD series,Essential Cuisine, a culinary system combining great taste and smart food available at The History of Essential Cuisine “When I learned about raw living foods, my world changed. People said my signs of aging had reversed. I was in love with my new cuisine, and I was inspired to learn more. My dietary regime expanded into more cooked food, cultured foods, and foods full of high functionality. Over the years I made it my personal and professional quest to discover all I could about the growing industry of organic and natural foods. While lecturing in schools around the country I combed every health food store for the best products available. I attended natural product trade shows for over a decade and visited milling facilities and organic gardens. I also experimented with my own body and health challenges, as some dietary regimes are not for everyone. I began to enjoy the best of all worlds and create a cuisine for the twenty first century – a regime that worked for me in today’s busy world. I took my knowledge into the kitchen and began to whip up quickie meals that would nourish me for the demanding schedule I was keeping. People started noticing my food and I started getting requests for a cookbook! I thought my methods were way too simple to warrant a book, but over time I realized people were starving for some of the knowledge I had to share. I went on to create menu plans for food service professionals, private resorts and such entities like the Radisson Hotel. I was inspired to share nutritional education along with culinary training. One hardly works without the other, and the two together provide the understanding and tools to make lasting changes. Whether someone wanted to lose weight, beautify their skin, improve joint health or enhance digestion, they achieved results with my recipes. I went on to teach home chef classes at Laguna Culinary Arts in California, and offer private consulting. With raving responses for the information, taste and quality of the food, I was finally convinced to share my techniques. Essential Cuisine was birthed as a DVD Series, so people could learn by watching. It is my sincerest desire to help people eat better. There is so much joy in feeling healthy and food is one of the most powerful resources we have for healing mentally, physically and emotionally.” For more information, go to

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