Resting In the Fire Of Awareness

We are perfect as we are. This is the ecstatic proclamation of the advaitic, or non-dual path of direct understanding. But the moment this proclamation is made, the question is often raised, "How do we come to this understanding?" This question...

Meditating on Meditation

Hundreds of scientific studies have documented its benefits; physicians and therapists recommend it to patients; corporations and hospitals have meditation rooms. You would think that this stamp of approval would make meditating as common as...

The Spirit of Wellness

The research on spirituality and health is still in its infancy, but dozens of experiments have linked religious participation with various measures of well-being. Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center, for instance, studied 4,000 men...

Virtuoso: Mind, Body and Spirit in Harmony

There are a few individuals who excel to such a degree that music seems to flow from them or actually through them on an ethereal level. In "Virtuoso: Mind, Body And Spirit In Harmony" Barry Bittman, M.D. tells us of a rare musical experience and...

Meditation Is A White Rose

Each of us, in our own way, is seeking liberation. We want to experience the rapture of reality. We have been taught to pursue this through addition. We want to add happiness, prosperity, love, success. Yet no matter how much we add to ourselves...

Tumors and Cancer

Some of the most tragic stories one will ever hear in medical practice are those of cancer patients and their families. Unfortunately, the tragedy is often the result of the impact on people's lives not only of the disease but also of the treatment

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