Special Report: Aspirin Resistance – Give your heart a rest

* Acupuncture can exert significant effects on the cardiovascular system and provide effective therapy for a variety of cardiovascular ailments, according to studies carried out in both animals and humans (Probl Vet Med, 1992; 4: 125-31). In people, the acupuncture point Neiguan (PC6) was found to be highly successful in the treatment of patients with angina and acute heart attacks (J Tradit Chin Med, 2004; 24: 16-9).

* Meditation. Elderly patients with congestive heart failure who listened to meditative audiotapes twice daily for 12 weeks had fewer symptoms and reported a better quality of life than those who did not (J Altern Complement Med, 2005; 11: 465-72). In addition, some 19 studies have shown that regular meditation lowers blood pressure and hypertension (Murphy M, Donovan S. The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation. Sausalito, CA: Institute of Noetic Science, 1999).

* Yoga, an integral part of Ayurveda, has been shown to be useful in patients with heart disease and hypertension, reducing anxiety, promoting wellbeing and generally improving quality of life (Cardiol Rev, 2005; 13: 155-62).

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