Aromatherapy for Bowel Problems

The bowels can become irritated or infected by various foods. Even excitement or stress can agitate the bowels. Ginger, peppermint, fennel, coriander and dill help counter gas. Peppermint is specific for irritable-bowel syndrome. For constipation, use rosemary or black pepper. For diarrhea use cypress, cinnamon and myrrh.

Garlic is one of the best ways to eliminate worms for the whole family, including pets. Fresh garlic should be eaten in meals or taken in capsules. Rosemary, thyme, tea tree and chamomile kill many types of worms; chamomile also decreases the resulting intestinal inflammation. Researchers have discovered that all 42 components in the ginger oil used in East Africa to kill parasites will, in isolation, kill roundworms in the intestine. (Some of these compounds actually worked better in studies than the commonly prescribed piperazine-citrate preparations.) These oils can also be used in a massage over the abdomen area as part of a more inclusive treatment.

The liver is also involved in digestion, and its health affects the entire body.

Liver Tonic

3 drops each:





1 ounce carrier oil

Any of these oils can also be used alone. Massage the oil over the liver, or use it in a bath.

Herbal Adjuncts-Use at least one aromatic herb with any remedy for diarrhea or constipation, to prevent intestinal cramping. Turn to herbal “bitters” such as gentian, Oregon grape root, barberry and dandelion root to treat long-term digestive problems such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and certain food allergies. These bitter tonics are best taken before meals. Laxatives include the mild-acting yellow dock, or the stronger cascara bark and senna leaf. To treat diarrhea use a blackberry root tincture. For stomach ulcers or overacidity, use soothing slippery elm and marshmallow, antispasmodic chamomile and wild yam, the natural antacid meadowsweet, and licorice, which helps diminish ulcers.

To eliminate worms, eat raw carrots, garlic and pumpkin seeds, as well as fibrous vegetables. Also, restrict carbohydrates and milk products. (Worms thrive on their sugars.) Then flush everything out with an herbal laxative. Repeat the treatment in a week to kill any newly hatched parasites.

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Written by Kathi Keville

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