Down’s Syndrome
(Congenital Hypopituitarism)

The child with Down’s Syndrome is a very special person
who reveals a purity and simplicity of life that is unique.
He or she is a different human being, not a pathological
one. Initially, he may have to make considerable adjustments
to fit into this world as his physical body may have some
specific needs. Some of these children are born with heart
defects. Modern open-heart surgery in infancy has provided a
full and long life for many. The particular anatomical form
of their head, nose, sinuses predisposes to respiratory
problems. However, if the nutritional program is
specifically designed to meet their needs, and mucus
producing foods are omitted this susceptibility can be
minimized. The hypermobility of their joints and
extraordinary flexibility of their body must not be confused
with weakness for they soon become remarkably strong in body
and will.

The osteopathic manipulative treatment of these children
enhances the overall level of well being by stimulating and
bringing about harmonious interaction within the endocrine
system. Restoring inherent physiologic mobility within the
cranial and facial mechanism overcomes the tendency to nasal
sinusitis and other respiratory conditions. An imbalance of
the eye muscles may be noted as a rapid side to side motion
(NYSTAGMUS) or an over convergent squint (STRABISMUS).
Osteopathic contribution to the welfare of children with
Down’s Syndrome is not to make them as other children, but
to enable them to achieve their optimal potential, to attain
a high level of general good health and to grow into the
unique and special people they are designed to be.

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Written by Viola Frymann DO FAAO FCA

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