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10 Tips for Healthy Detoxification

  1. Follow a non-toxic lifestyle – eat wholesome, natural foods, drink good water, exercise regularly, and avoid junk foods and additives–to minimize the need to detoxify.
  2. If you feel toxic or congested–from aches and pains, allergies and sinus congestion, sluggish digestion, or skin rashes – you might consider a detoxification program as outlined in The Detox Diet.
  3. If you have habits to any SNACCs (Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, or Chemicals) take a break occasionally to evaluate how you really feel. These short breaks can give you a new perspective. Is your habit an easy pleasure or is your body paying a price?
  4. Detox in a way that feels right to you – through a combination of diet changes, juice cleansing, and supplements. Challenge yourself a little, but avoid the attitude, “No pain, no gain.” The idea is to take extra good care of yourself.
  5. Create the time and space to detoxify successfully. You may want to do a weekend fast. In this New Year, you might also consider a 7-10 day Spring Cleanse. In either case, starting on Friday gives you the weekend to transition in and out of your program.
  6. My favorite cleanses are:
    • The Master Cleanser (a lemonade diet described in my Spring Cleansing article).
    • Fresh vegetable juices, and broths, with added Spirulina or other algae.
    • The Detox Diet, a very smooth and easy way to take a needed cleansing break.
  7. Plan to include regular exercise in your life and create a balanced schedule of activity and rest, work and play. Take the opportunity to be outside – walking in the trees, by the ocean or a river. In the city, watch the sky to stay connected to Nature. Don’t forget to relate to flowers, birds, and other natural life forms.
  8. Do saunas, sweats, showers, and skin brushing to help detoxify. Drink plenty of good quality spring water or filtered water (8-10 glasses a day).
  9. Make sure you keep your digestive track cleansed. Have a bowel movement at least once or twice daily – using fibers, herbs, salt water flushes, enemas, or colon hydrotherapy – so necessary for experiencing healthy cleansing. This is a very personal issue but necessary for experiencing vibrant health.
  10. Be positive – drop at least one old habit this month. Even a change as simple as giving up wheat or dairy products, sugar or caffeine, could make a big difference in your health.

You can be successful in improving your health and vitality!

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Written by Elson M. Haas MD

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