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ESP as we have defined and studied it may not be the way it actually functions. It is impossible to separate the various ESP modalities from each other. An instance of presumed telepathy actually could be clairsentience, where the intuitive person is “reading” information from the Zener cards in the hands of the person who is testing them, or from the examiner’s physical brain (not from their mind – whatever that is). An instance of telepathy or clairsentience could actually be the results of precognition, in which the intuitive sees the final order of the card test series, rather than reading the mind or the cards directly from the cards. In remote viewing, the intuitive may perceive what is present at the distant location, may precognitively read the mind of the outgoing experimenter, or may precognitively see the results of the matching.

Psi abilities may allow a clinician to know information about their patients. Psychic intuition can provide information from patients’ conscious and/or unconscious minds about their mental and physical condition. Likewise, information could be obtained directly from patients’ bodies.

Many healers report they regularly make intuitive assessments this way. They may be able to diagnose problems even when they have never had direct contact with the patient, from many miles away.

I have spoken with numbers of doctors who have great gifts of intuition. They are often able to diagnose problems instantly, knowing whether an abdominal pain is caused by an infection, a blockage, or a cancer. They perform the laboratory tests, often wasting precious hours or even days, because they fear the skepticism and censure of their colleagues. Invatiably, they have kept these precious gifts completely secret from the doctors and nurses with whom they may have worked closely for many years.

Research on psychic intuitive assessments

Bioenergy field assessments

Living organisms have biological energy fields (biofields) around them. The biofields reflect the condition of the organism. Healers (and many others) can sense these fields with their hands. It is possible to access information about a person through the biofields regarding their physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual states.


You may be able to sense the biofield with your hands. Hold your hands opposite each other, slightly apart. Move them further apart (12-24 inches) and then closer together again, back and forth. What do you sense? Close and open your hands rapidly about 20 times, then repeat the process. Do you notice a difference? Find someone who will hold a hand up for you to practice with, and move one of your hands near theirs, then apart – as you did with your own hands. Repeat this with your other hand. What do you sense?

Most people will sense heat, tingling, very light pressure, or a sense like holding two magnets near each other.

With practice, you can learn to identify a person’s condition by the intuitive feelings you experience in moving your hands through their biofield. For many people, such personal explorations may be the type of research that impresses them the most.

Research on biofield assessments

The biofield around the body can be senses by passing one’s hands around the body. One study showed that it is possible to identify when another person’s hand is held near a person whose hands are sensitive to bioenergies, and another study showed it is possible to identify where pains are located in another person through such sensations.

A much-publicized science fair project by a ten year-old, published in the American Medical Association Journal, showed no abilities of a series of healers to identify the presence of the hand of the experimenter held near their own hand.

Some healers report that they can see the bioenergy field around people as an aura of color. Various colors in several layers around the body reveal the condition of the person on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Curious as to whether the bioenergy field is perceived by different healers similarly or differently from each other, I set up a pilot experiment in which a panel of eight healers simultaneously observed the same people who had known medical conditions. The differences between readings were far more obvious than the similarities. However, the people being observed validated that seven out of the eight intuitive aura readings were accurate. Repeating this pilot study with another four healers who appeared to have more highly developed aura reading abilities produced similar results.

Channeled information

Another explanation for inspiration is that it comes from spirits of people who have passed on from the physical world but remain available to help those of us who are still in the flesh. Other report they sense the presence of angels, saints, Christ, or God, lending their guidance – particularly in times of serious need.

In many societies, this ability is highly respected. In Western society is it often denigrated and rejected

If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

    Thomas Szasz

This source of information may be only as good as the knowledge of a guide from other dimensions. We must be alert to the apocryphal, succinct warning from a Native American shaman who was asked why she didn’t consult the spirits in her work. She replied, “Dead no make smart.”

Numerous healers report that they are aided by spirits and angels. For instance, the late Harry Edwards, one of England’s great healers, reported clear communications from spirit guides.

There must be a healer to act as the human instrument or medium for the applied spirit-healing forces. Through him are the forces that can transcend and overcome the causes of the illness and restore the physical distortion of harmony. To enable the human instrument to be well used, there must be the willing co-operation of the total organization of the healer: mental, physical, etheric and spirit. Using the human instrument is the spirit-healing Guide or Guides. The two, the healing medium and the healing Guide become co-operators. The human mind interprets the condition of the patient—the spirit-healing minds are concerned with the diagnosis and correction of the disharmony.

Collective consciousness

Intuition can extend to include more than one individual.

Carl Jung identified this as the collective unconscious. He and many other Jungian therapists after him have noted that there are archetypal images that appear to be present in the unconscious minds of their patients. Patients resonate very deeply with mythic stories that touch on their psychological conflicts, and may be able to resolve their problems by relating to these images.

Larry Dossey has written extensively about “non-local mind,” the ability of the mind to reach beyond the physical boundaries of the body.

Rupert Sheldrake proposes that there is a species-specific morphogenetic field to which individuals contribute information about their life experiences, and from which they can draw information that may be of use to them. He suggests that intuitive knowledge may be stored in these morphogenetic fields. Various experiments have supported this theory.

A collective consciousness is supportable if we accept that psi abilities reside in each of us. Our individual awarenesses may be linked through psi to the awareness of every other consciousness in the world. This suggests that intuitive information could be drawn from the collective wisdom of the world.

This article appeared as the editorial in The International Journal of Healing and Caring – On line May, 2002, Volume 2, No. 2

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Written by Daniel J. Benor MD

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