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Do you find
youself rushing through the day without taking breaks? That no matter how
much you tell yourself that you will take your micro-breaks, you just don’t
do it? That you get interrupted so much that you barely get your work
done? Breaks, whether micro-, meso-, or macro-, interrupt chronic muscle
tension, allow relaxation and regeneration, and can improve energy. If you
dont have time to take as many breaks as you want or need, be creative and


Standup every time someone stops by your desk to ask you a question. Make
sure that you standup while exhaling. Drop your hands at your sides to
let your arms relax. Do a little 2-5 second stretch before sitting down.

When you must meet briefly with co-workers, suggest that you meet in their
offices. This will allow you time to walk and stretch.

If the person with whom you are meeting gets interrupted by a call, use
that time to quietly practice diaphragmatic breathing.

Responding to interruptions in this way has a secondary advantage of
engendering goodwillyour co-workers feel that they are important to you.

Avatar Written by Erik Peper PhD

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