Ageing and vision

A woman on warfarin for heart problems has been advised not to take vitamin E and is wondering what else she can take to help with her eyesight. Does anyone know of a good alternative in this situation? A guest doctor on the Patrick Timpone Show (natural health-oriented) said that in Japan, patients are given nattokinase instead. So you might try to get a more nutrition-oriented doctor to pursue the route of this natural blood thinner. And for improved vision, you have many options, ranging from blueberries to carrots to spinach. Bilberry is excellent too, as is lutein. Stock up on the foods that do you the most good, engage in exercises and activities to strengthen your eyes, and get plenty of sleep. Eyebright drops have antioxidant properties, and astaxanthin (available at Higher Nature) is excellent vision protection as well.

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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