Menopause-related mental fog

This woman feels as if she’s been in a daze for the past few months, unable to link cause and effect in everyday events or to take new information on board. This is extremely frustrating for her family as well. She felt this way before menopause too, but only for a week or two. Is this dozy, unresponsive frame of mind likely to be permanent, or could it be menopause-related? Has any other reader experienced a similar condition, or can anyone offer ideas to help recover her mental clarity? Many woman say this sounds familiar – for half of them, the condition was thyroid-related (so have yours checked), and in the other half, yes, it was due to menopause. In case of a thyroid problem, iodine-rich foods will aid in restoring its function. One menopausal woman takes the “Meno-Ease” supplement, which has helped greatly (tel: 01443-230693), and she builds rest periods into her day to recharge her energy. Another recommends Natpro cream applications and/or taking MACA. Or you could go the HRT implant route; these comprise the three types of oestrogen in the correct proportions and avoid all the problems of HRT by mouth. One woman says that though it’s expensive, it solved her problem overnight. Regardless of the cause, consuming more power foods like blueberries and fish or fish oil will help. Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg and Acetyl L-Carnitine 250 mg taken separately will make a big difference. Ginkgo and phosphtidylserine are useful brain supplements, as is vinpocetine (derived from periwinkle). Keep your brain active with puzzles, walking, and moderate sunshine, while cutting your intake of “nutritional vapourware” like white sugar, white flour and trans-fats. There is also a drug called Hydergine, recommended by Life Extension, which seems to have miraculous brain-enhancing properties, so try researching that. Drink plenty of water, as your problem may be a simple case of dehydration! And don’t forget to check for food intolerances and allergies, as well as for anaemia.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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