Sunshine vitamin may prevent prostate cancer

Re ‘Drugs for prostate cancer’ (WDDTY vol 16 no 1, page 7), a recent study revealed that vitamin D could cut a man’s risk of prostate by almost half. Researchers in Boston analysed blood samples and found that those containing the highest levels of vitamin D had a 45 per cent less risk of prostate cancer. They believe vitamin D inhibits cell growth and has anti-cancer properties.

In a letter to The Times (30 March 2005), Richard Petty, medical director of Wellman Clinic in London, wrote that there is evidence linking prostate cancer with a deficiency in the vitamin. To get enough vitamin D, 20 minutes of sunlight each day would do. – A. Wills, via e-mail

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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