Atrial arrhythmia

A reader succeeded in reducing her atrial arrhythmia by using natural progesterone cream. She agrees that last week’s reader who takes kelp may be on to something; one of the effects of the lack of sufficient progesterone or oestrogen dominance is interference with thyroid hormone activity. Another woman wrote to say that her atrial arrhythmia seemed to be a reaction to the wireless modem installed in her home for broadband Internet access. Her heart rhythm returned to normal within two months of disconnecting the modem. She also suggests calcium/magnesium supplements as normal heart rhythm requires adequate supplies of these.

Here’s another helpful hint for our friend with lipodema, an abnormal deposition of subcutaneous fat with fluid retention. It’s characterised by enlargement of both legs from below the waist to the ankles, sometimes affecting the arms too. Does anyone out there have any information or experience of this condition or, better yet, know of any treatments? Yes! A reader helps a friend with the condition by massaging his legs using cypress essential oil (in grapeseed oil). Reflexology helps too. It’s been two years and the condition hasn’t recurred since the first few sessions.

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