Benign adenoma:

A reader’s husband has been diagnosed with having an adenoma _ a growth of glandular tissue _ at the point where his bowel reaches the rectum. Although benign, the adenoma is causing him pain and he has been scheduled to have it surgically removed. Before he goes under the knife, is there any other alternative way to remove or shrink the growth? Sadly, responses to this query were very limited. One reader advises trying a macrobiotic diet, coupled with photon emission therapy ( ). Another reader, who had a similar condition and did have surgery to remove his cysts, suggests some post-surgical tips such as keeping the area clean, dry and as free of hair as possible. To soothe the area and help with any post-surgical pain, try slippery elm and feverfew respectively. Should there be an infection, grapefruit seed extract is an effective natural antibiotic.

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